All our research and attempts began 2 years ago. We wanted developed devices as quickly as possible. All devices in the photos lower correctly operated.

1.Active electrode

This first version of the active electrode, pic.1.

Fig.1. Active electrode

Active electrodes are promising directions. We plan to return to this direction.

2. EEG device on the simple board

After that, a board was assembled for measuring EEG with only one electrode.

Fig.2 The prototype for EEG device: 1 – MEGA2560, 2 – ADS1299, 3 – analog board, 4,5 – band filters, 6 – wifi, 7 – electrodes for earlobe

3. PCB board, version 1.0

In the next step, we did the device on the PCB board for 8 channels. Better, but the size was too big – not so comfortable.

Fig.3. The prototype for the EEG device. a – the board with STM32, b – power supply and battery, c – ADS1299 board: 1 – Bluetooth, 2 – Radio, 3-Wi-Fi